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Teaching Philosophy

Teaching Philoshopy

The core of my teaching philosophy is centered on two values: dialogue and exploration. I believe that photography is a superior tool of discovery and I strive to motivate students to remain constantly curious about the world around them.


Although a high level of craft is stressed at all times, the learning process involves more than simply offering technical assistance. I encourage an atmosphere of active, creative dialogue that continuously challenges students’ ideas and pushes their creative vision to the highet level. My primary objective is to enable my students to analyze our world and process their findings through effective visual communication.


It is also important, I believe, that students be trained to digest the overwhelming amount of visual communication with which contemporary society is infatuated—whether fine art photography, images of mass communication, or image-logged social networking websites. Only after filtering this information can one’s purest artistic vision be realized.


Finally, I recognize that much can be taught through professional example. For this reason, I strive to remain active in my own artistic pursuits so as to be recognized by my students as a comrade in the constant labor of creating meaningful, fulfilling art. 

Teaching Experience

August 2019 - present

Assistant Professor, Union College, Lincoln, NE

  • Teaching eleven distinct courses in art, graphic design, and art history 

Jan. 2016 - May 2017

Adjunct Professor, Southern Adventist University

  • Instruction in black & white darkroom craft in Introduction to Photography course. 

Aug. 2011 - May 2017

Digital Media Instructor, Atlanta Adventist Academy 

  • Teaching courses in photography, videography, graphic design, digital citizenship, and yearbook

  • Direct and manage 1-to-1 iPad program and Mac labs

Fall 2010

Teaching Assistant, Savannah College of Art & Design

  • Assisted Professor Liz Darlington in teaching two sections of undergraduate photo seminar classes

Teaching Experience



Master of Fine Arts, Photography, Savannah College of Art and Design

Studied abroad at Lacoste, France campus


Bachelor of Arts, History, Southern Adventist University

Magna Cum Laude. Minors in Pre-law, Political Science, and Business Administration


Contact Me

2816 Sheridan Blvd.

Lincoln, NE 68502

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon!

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